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        What People Are Saying


"Marie is an exceptional musician, with talent other musicians can't even fathom.  I make sure to book Marie here at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse at least once a month.  The following she has and the atmosphere she brings to the table are irreplaceable.  Marie plays a wide variety of covers, and her voice and energy are out of this world."

 ~ Joe Brady - General Manager of Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar


"We always look forward to having Marie play at The Quarter.  Her voice is amazing and she really engages the crowd.  Her music is diverse.  If she does not know a song that is requested, she is always willing to learn it for the next time.  She is one of our favorites."  ~ AC Chakravorty - Owner of The Quarter


"It's very evident that she loves both her music and her crowd.  She is able to cater to all of our guests including the staff here at {RA}.  She is an amazing musician with exceptional talent and able to read her crowd and perform accordingly!  We look forward to having her back!"  ~ Rebekkah Damiani - Manager at {RA} Bistro


"We book Marie every month.  She is a pleasure to work with and has a style and sound of her own.  Many people compare singers and say they sound like someone else...Marie is an artist and there is no comparison that can be made to anyone."  ~ Scott Johnson - Owner of The Q 


"Marie's eclectic music selection adds to the enjoyability of our bar's Open Mic.  She has a great personality and makes everyone feel comfortable and is always willing to help. We love Marie here at HotShots." ~ Jeff Schott - Owner of HotShots      

"I thoroughly enjoyed Marie.  Talent oozes from that chick.  Looking forward to playing many more shows with her in the future!"  ~ Brian Justis Simpson - Lead Singer of HARDRIVE           


"I really enjoyed the depth of her voice."  ~ Sally Truslow - Chateau Morissette


"Enjoy her beautiful voice and edgy style.  She performs a wide variety of popular covers -  from rock to folk and everything in between.  Her smooth sound will be the perfect compliment to your Attimo wine!" 

 ~ Jessie Richards - Whitebarrel Winery Tasting Room Manager


"You are so wonderful and have the most amazing talent!  I think every song you perform is better than the original because of the way you add your unique sound.  I hope to hear you many, many more times and am so thankful that the memories of one of the most precious days of my life are going to forever be remembered to the soundtrack of your lovely voice.  You rock Marie"  ~ Kelly Gluth 


"If you haven't checked this amazing talent out, then you are missing out.....amazing."   Jason McClelland


"Enjoyed your music tonight!  Loved your interpretation of the songs!" "Great work tonight. We love your sound!"

 ~ Chris Kile and Cliff Hughes, Whitebarrel Winery Patrons


"Ahhhh! We loved hearing you last night at Annie Moore's!  I asked the hostess what your name was so if you played in the area again I could join with friends!  No Diggity made us happy!"

 ~ Stevie Phillips, Annie Moore's Patron


"Come see one of the best indie artists performing some great covers along with some really good originals, you won't be disappointed."  ~ Vic Phillips Jr.


"Anyone looking for a great voice and amazing lady?  Marie Anderson performed at an event my company (Capps Home Building Center) hosted and it was perfect! Everyone thought she was great"   ~ Ashley Hiett Moore


"Incredible.  Saw her tonight at The Q and she rocked.  Everyone who likes excellent raw natural talent needs to see her sing." ~ Pickers Paradise (Charles)


"The first time I heard Marie play was at The Quarter in downtown Roanoke.  She was playing with my friend Aaron Oberg and their voices jelled together so well.  She came back to The Quarter and she was playing outside on the patio.  Her beautiful voice carried out to the street and brought people in....she stayed for 13 encores!!!  It was so cool!  Not only does this talented lady draw a crowd, she encourages audience participation and if she doesn't know a song, she will learn it.  Case in point - I mentioned that I liked a song I heard on a commercial and the VERY NEXT TIME I heard her play, she sang it for me!  Who does that !?! Marie does!!!

SHe has even made up fun and funny songs that get the crowd involved.  Plus she is just a bright light to boot! She comes in quietly, sets her equipment up, speaks briefly to her audience and then proceeds to blow them away with her vocals.  Do yourself a favor - make sure you can see her perform at least once.  You will find yourself making plans to see her more often!"  ~ Bridget Buback

"I never realized how hard you work. It shows when you play how much you put into it. Absolutely amazing and very talented." ~Jason Bryan Hill, Lead Guitarist/Vocalist for Five Dollar Shake

"I appreciate how humble you are.  i like to think that I know music and I've seen a lot of musicians. But you're definitely something special"  ~Allen from Nagshead 

"I have never heard a voice like yours in real life. You're amazing" ~Patron from Magnolias Bar & Grill 

"I really enjoyed your music tonight. I needed to come out and I'm really glad I did and got to meet you." ~Cathy

"We come to the winery every weekend, and you are by far our favorite musician that plays here" ~Monica and Bill, Chateau Morissette Patrons

"We like your version of songs better than the originals" ~Rorie and Patrick, Corned Beef & Co. Patrons


"You have a beautiful voice.  Keep doing what you're doing because it's going to take you places" ~ Mildred, Patron at Explore Park

"I never realized how hard you work. It shows when you play how much you put into it. Absolutely amazing and very talented" ~ Jason Bryan Hill, Lead Singer of Five Dollar Shake

"Your voice is actually haunting" ~Patron from Olde Salem Brewing Co.

"You are incredible. First of all, now I need that pedal for harmonies. Second of all, you know exactly how to use that thing. Your voice is such a deep and powerful sound, the end of your words soft and breathy. I was so impressed" ~Amanda Bocchi, Local Roanoke Musician

"One of the best acts we have here at Creek Bottom Brewing, with a wide variety of songs." ~H.C. Hodge CBB Employee


"Marie's repertoire numbers in the thousands of songs and crosses several genres. She'll ask you what you'd like to hear and she'll try her best to work any and all requests into the show. She's a true One Woman Band as she builds songs with a looper pedal and harmonizer to create amazing instrumental fills and background harmonies." ~Ed McNamara, Local SML Musician

"I hope you catch this lady somewhere...I am in love with her song that she wrote and performed, Fly Away..this is me in music...thank you for sharing your talent with us." ~Teresa Edwards, Fan

"I've never heard a voice like yours in real life. You're amazing.~Magnolia Bar & Grill Patron

"I appreciate how humble you are. I like to think that I know music and I've seen a lot of musicians. But you're definitely something special." ~Allen from Naghead

"Marie Anderson to me is one of the biggest talents on the planet. The way her music makes me feel, the sheer passion, and just her overall performance is an unexplainable experience" ~Mindy Jackson, Vocalist for Dying Oath and What Lies Beneath





























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